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Why is the Maverick called a flying car?

The Maverick is a rugged four-wheel vehicle capable of flight, and burns regular automotive gasoline. Additionally, a flying Maverick is steered by the same controls used while driving.

What kind of training will I need to use a Maverick?

Driving the Maverick requires a regular driver's license, while flying the Maverick requires a Sports Pilot's license or above with a Powered Parachute rating.

The Maverick just looks like a dune buggy with a swamp-boat fan. How does it fly?

The Maverick deploys a ram-air wing, similar to those used in powered parachuting, to provide lift while the propeller generates thrust.

Are crafts using ram-air wings difficult to launch, or to fly?

The wing deployment system make conversion from a street-legal vehicle to a powered parachute aircraft a simple matter for even a single pilot. Modern ram-air wings are inherently stable, and the Maverick's integrated control system makes controlling flight remarkably similar to driving.

Past attempts at a flying car have always fallen short. Why is the Maverick any different?

Most past attempts at flying cars have been more like 'roadable aircraft' and have suffered from complications due to the use of a fixed-wing design. In addition to the advantages of a stowable ram-air wing, the Maverick is designed as a car first and flying machine second.

How soon will the Maverick be available for purchase?

We are now in production with the first production delivery to be made late July, 2011. We have finished setting up our production show and have finalized our production tooling. We are currently receiving orders for production Mavericks.

How much will the Maverick cost?

The initial sale price will be $84,000 for the URATAV, LSA (see Specifications). You can contact us for more information on becoming a Maverick owner.

How do I move forward to actually purchase a Maverick LSA?

Please contact us and request a purchase agreement packet (which will include details of reserving a delivery position, the purchase and delivery process, and familiarization training available to new customers).