Maverick  FAQ’s


The name Maverick refers not only to the pioneering nature of this unique vehicle, but also to the pioneering spirit of those, like yourself, who see the opportunities made possible by a single machine that offers transportation on-road, off-road, and on “soft water” bodies and “hard water” (snow and ice).


How much does it cost?

The Maverick Flying Car costs $94,000 USD as of this year.


What is required to legally operate The Maverick?
In order to operate the Flying Car on the road, you need a current driver’s license. In order to fly the Maverick, you have two options. You either need a sport pilot license with a powered parachute rating or a private pilot license with a powered parachute rating.


Can you help me with my pilot’s license?

Beyond Roads will provide a complete Maverick operation and maintenance orientation to each customer. However, flight instruction is not included in the agreed-upon Maverick purchase price. Beyond Roads will assist customers in attaining flight training and testing.

Does the prop turn when you drive down the road?

The 5-blade composite propeller is stationary when not in flight. The Maverick is rear wheel drive that operates with a dual drive system (transaxle/propeller), using one engine.


How long does it take to switch from drive to fly mode?

To switch the Maverick Flying Car from drive to fly, or fly to drive, takes about 15-20 minutes.


Can I take the Maverick off-road?

Built for frontier areas, the Maverick utilizes robust suspension specifically made for off-road use. The headlights, brake lights, turn signals and horn that come standard also enable the Maverick to operate in a wide range of locations - on and off roads.


What is the mast pole used for?

The mast is used in the wing deployment system so that the wing does not need to be kited off the ground. The benefits of this system include better rough terrain capability and cross wind capability.



How do you steer in the air?

Like you would on the ground, the Maverick is driven using the steering wheel and/or manual foot pedals in the air.


How much room do you need to take off?

The Maverick requires about 300 ft. for take off. The rate of climb is 600 fpm at gross weight and 1,200 fpm solo.


Talk to be me about fuel.

The Maverick holds 17 gallons of 87 octane fuel. Like many cars, this Flying car only needs regular unleaded gas. With this tank, the Maverick can fly for about 3 hours at

5-6 gallons per hour (GPH). At 25 MPG highway or more, the Flying Car can drive for about 400 miles before a fill-up.


How fast does it go?

The Maverick’s 190 HP, Injected, 2.5 Liter Subaru Engine goes from 0 to 60 mph in about 3.9 seconds and will go over 100 mph on the ground. In the air, it will fly at 40 mph airspeed.


What is the useful load?

If licensed as an E-LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) the Maverick can carry 450 lbs. The useful load as an E-AB (Experimental Amateur Built) is 700 lbs.


How many passengers you can take?

Including the driver, you may take three people in the Maverick on the road. In the air you may carry one passenger, plus the pilot if it is certified as an E-LSA (Light Sport Aircraft). As an E-AB (Experimental Amateur Built) the Maverick can carry two passengers in the air, plus the pilot.