This morning Troy Townsend and the I-TEC Team flew two different Mavericks. The flights were focused on flying low and slow over rural, agricultural land in the Ocala, FL area. Much of the flight time was focused on flying between 200 and 400 feet above ground level. Steve Buer, a former farmer and the production manager of the Maverick, was in the back seat and commented to Troy that it would have been nice to have a Maverick in his farming days because he could have had a bird's eye view to see the condition of the crop. While there are many applications for the Maverick, these flights are preparing the Maverick for service in the mission field.




















Beyond Roads, Inc. received word on Friday, May 10, that an experimental Maverick was involved in an accident. Our primary concern, of course, was for the safety of the pilot and passenger. We have confirmed in conversation with the pilot that he and his passenger walked away from the accident with only minor cuts and one sprained ankle.


The pilot/operator has asked Beyond Roads to send our chief test pilot to help him ascertain the cause of his accident and the most effective manner to put his Maverick back into operation, which we are doing.